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DK Drilling Structures is company with a strong and experienced leadership team which supports a skilled, dedicated staff through empowerment, stability, strong ethics, and a focus on quality. We serve a network of clients which we have developed relationships with over many years in different ventures. DK Drilling Structures plans to continue to serve our already established customers and grow into new areas of opportunity as well.

DK Drilling Structures  is to be a growth-oriented industry leader respected throughout the world for the quality and competency of its people, the efficiency and scope of its operations, and its rich heritage of honesty and integrity.

Our vision is to be a prominent oil and gas equipment service company in the United States by developing and nurturing a long-term strategic vision that drives company growth and profitability, we aspire to sustain value and create strong services to our customers by continually innovating and improving our operational and organizational performance. We are committed to service our customers providing the best products for their needs.

Relationships. We value open and honest communication both internally, with shareholders and employees, and externally, with partners, vendors, and operations communities. We desire to be transparent and respectful in every situation. We will reward our shareholders, employees, and partners for their trust and commitment. We also provide for long-term company growth by building a strong team of qualified people matched with positions that utilize their strengths and advanced technology that maximizes their effectiveness.

Our team members will always do the right thing with respect to safety, business, and protection of the environment. Our strong fiscal discipline and accountability ensure we are operating with the highest standards and remaining prudent in our risk-taking. We work to minimize and negate our environmental impact through proper planning and operational guidance.

At DK Drilling Structures, we strive to create a working environment where accidents are unlikely to occur, and the health and safety of employees, contractors and the public are not jeopardized.

We ensure that our operations are environmentally responsible. The Company implements programmes designed to promote environmental sustainability.

In working towards becoming a world-class energy company, we work courageously and assiduously to lead and shape the future. Leadership to us, means acting responsibly and with total integrity at all times.

We perform at all times in a manner that makes us accountable to both internal and external stakeholders. We take responsibility for our actions.

We are committed to working effectively as a team in order to deliver results far beyond individual capabilities.
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